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Patriots Against Tyranny, Sept. 6 2011

Ruins of Liberty was created as a short-term experiment.  I was basically copied/pasted articles from various sites (mostly PP or INFOWARS) to spread the word about how the forces that be are finally revealing their police state in the most bold move in history, and I noticed this information became trendy.  Certain articles more interesting than others got more views, while those more important went unread.  I found myself wondering why this ROL blog was even necessary, and needless to say, I fell behind (WAY behind).  It got thousands of hits a month, and was expanding into AdSense (which is a joke, fyi) and soon its own site, but a group called 'Ruins of Liberty' didn't seem appropriate for the long-run.

After much deliberation, deciding if a blogsite is making ANY constructive progress with others around the world, I've created another blog I plan on maintaining.  patriotsagainsttyranny.blogspot.com, it's ROL but with a long-term goal.  Regardless of whether people find certain articles more interesting than others is beside the point.  The point is, it's all true, it's all happening, and EVERYONE needs to know about it. 

As Bruce Lee once said, " Knowing is not enough, we must apply.  Willing is not enough, we must do."  And if we are to change the world in 2012 for the better (hopefully with Ron Paul in charge!) we must hold the bankster man-bear-pigs responsible for their actions, and the crooked politicians they control as well.  What we must understand is, you're not a patriot if you celebrate the Fourth of July, you're not a patriot for bolting a flag pole to your house, you're not a patriot because you were born in America.  As Robert Walpole said, "The very idea of true patriotism is lost, and the term has been prostituted to the very worst of purposes.  A patriot, sir!  Why, patriots spring up like mushrooms!"

The government has defined patriotism as 'go along with our 9/11 story or you're a terrorist', and 'hate terrorists, no matter who or what we say is one, or you're a terrorist', and 'like the Banks, trust the Federal Reserve, or you're a terrorist', and 'Constitutionalist? Conspiracy Theorist?  You're a terrorist.'  To them, fighting for your freedom given to you by the Constitution is a sin and knowing the truth makes you dangerous, and if you haven't noticed this, google 'time magazine shredded Constitution', or just keep posted with Patriots Against Tyranny, Prison Planet, Natural News, or any of the various sites that doesnt shy from the truth.  And they're right, knowing the truth does make you dangerous.  It makes you fully aware and capable of collapsing their shadow government, which they have killed to protect (JFK, MLK..).

We are at a crossroads, people.  If we don't take our country back NOW, and believe me with Ron Paul we can, the North American Union will become our greatest nightmare and a future we will not be able to avoid or turn back from.  If you think this is a bunch of hogwash wait for it, and when it is finally implemented, good riddance to yah!

When a nation is filled with strife, then do patriots flourish. - Lao Tzu

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Kabul Hotel Under Attack by Suicide Bombers, June 28 2011

ABC News
Kabul Hotel Under Attack By Suicide Bombers ODQzMzlkMjE3Jm9mPTA=

In one of the most significant attacks in Afghanistan in the past few years, insurgents have hit a landmark Kabul hotel popular with foreigners and Afghan officials with as many as 6 suicide bombers and gunmen, according to police.

At least one suicide bomber blew himself up at the entrance to the Intercontinental Hotel, and the attack is still ongoing. At least four explosions have been heard and gunfire continues. The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Afghan officials, including provincial governors, were staying at the Intercontinental because of a conference on transition that begins tomorrow. Afghan forces are scheduled to take charge of security in some areas of the country starting in July.

A police official says there are at least 3 attackers, but the number could be double that. An Afghan news agency is reporting that at least 10 people have died, but that figure has not been independently confirmed.

Full story here.

Cancer Surges in Body Scanners; TSA Cover-Up, June 28 2011

FOIA documents reveal how “large number of workers have been falling victim to cancer, strokes and heart disease”

Paul Joseph WatsonPrison Planet.com
Fearful of provoking further public resistance to naked airport body scanners, the TSA has been caught covering up a surge in cases of TSA workers developing cancer as a result of their close proximity to radiation-firing devices, perhaps the most shocking revelation to emerge from the latest FOIA documents obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center.

After Union representatives in Boston discovered a “cancer cluster” amongst TSA workers linked with radiation from the body scanners, the TSA sought to downplay the matter and refused to issue employees with dosimeters to measure levels of exposure.

The documents indicate how, “A large number of workers have been falling victim to cancer, strokes and heart disease.”

“The Department, rather than acting on it, or explaining its position seems to have just dismissed. I don’t think that’s the way most other agencies would have acted in a similar situation if they were confronted with that question,” EPIC’s Marc Rotenberg said.

In an email sent to Heather Callahan (PDF), deputy federal security director at Boston Logan International Airport, union representatives express their concern about “TSA Boston’s growing number of TSOs working here that have thus far been diagnosed with cancer.”

Of course, if TSA workers who are merely standing near the scanners are already developing cancer, frequent flyers are also putting themselves in harm’s way by standing directly inside the radiation-firing machines.

As we reported yesterday, newly released internal government documents, obtained via the Freedom Of Information Act by the Electronic Privacy Information Center, reveal that the TSA, and specifically the head of the Department of Homeland Security, “publicly mischaracterized” the findings of the National Institute of Standards and Technology, in stating that NIST had positively confirmed the safety of full body scanners in tests.

In erroneously citing both NIST and the Johns Hopkins school of medicine to claim that the body scanners are safe, the TSA has also deliberately misled the public on the dangers posed by the devices.

Documents obtained by EPIC show that, far from affirming their safety, NIST warned that airport screeners should avoid standing next to full body scanners in order to keep exposure to harmful radiation “as low as reasonably achievable.”
Further documents illustrate how a Johns Hopkins study actually revealed that radiation zones around body scanners could exceed the “General Public Dose Limit,” contradicting repeated claims by the TSA that Johns Hopkins had validated the safety of the devices.

At the time we pointed out that Dr Michael Love, who runs an X-ray lab at the department of biophysics and biophysical chemistry at the Johns Hopkins school of medicine had publicly stated two days previously that “statistically someone is going to get skin cancer from these X-rays”.

TSA workers complained about the radiation dangers of the scanners back in December, saying they were being kept in the dark by their employers, despite repeated requests for information.

“We don’t think the agency is sharing enough information,” said Milly Rodriguez, occupational health and safety specialist at the American Federation of Government Employees, the union that represents TSA workers.

A study conducted last year by Dr David Brenner, head of Columbia University’s center for radiological research, found that the body scanners are likely to lead to an increase in a common type of skin cancer called basal cell carcinoma, which affects the head and neck.

Following the study, Brenner urged medical authorities to look at his work, pointing to the dangerous notion of mass scanning millions of people without proper oversight.

“There really is no other technology around where we’re planning to X-ray such an enormous number of individuals. It’s really unprecedented in the radiation world,” said Brenner.

Similar concerns to those explored in the Columbia University study were voiced in February 2010 by the influential Inter-Agency Committee on Radiation Safety, who warned in a report that the scanners increase the risk of cancer and birth defects and should not be used on pregnant women or children.

Despite governments claiming that backscatter x-ray systems produce radiation too low to pose a threat, the organization concluded in their report that governments must justify the use of the scanners and that a more accurate assessment of the health risks is needed.

Pregnant women and children should not be subject to scanning, according to the report, adding that governments should consider “other techniques to achieve the same end without the use of ionizing radiation.”

“The Committee cited the IAEA’s 1996 Basic Safety Standards agreement, drafted over three decades, that protects people from radiation. Frequent exposure to low doses of radiation can lead to cancer and birth defects, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency,” reported Bloomberg.

In a recent letter to President Obama’s Science Advisor, several University of California professors also complained of how, “There is still no rigorous, hard, data for the safety of x-ray airport passenger scanners.”

The scientists noted how the safety tests for the scanners were carried out exclusively by manufacturers, and recommended an immediate moratorium on use of the devices until the health risks can be independently studied.

Calls for TSA Chief's Head, June 28 2011

Agency says it followed correct procedure

Steve WatsonPrisonplanet.com
In comments betraying a new found freedom to express his real opinions once again, Keith Olbermann of all people is leading a charge to have TSA head John Pistole fired in the wake of a series of shocking incidents culminating in an elderly cancer sufferer being forced to remove an adult diaper by agents as part of security check.

Naming John Pistole his “worst person in the world”, on his Monday Countdown show on Current, Olbermann relayed his thoughts on the incident:

“She is in a wheelchair and after the TSA agents pat Ms. Reppert down and insist her daughter remove her mother’s adult diaper, which was used, the mother is stoic and cooperative.” Olbermann stated.

“The daughter bursts into tears. So now the TSA agents have to frisk her, too, because her conduct is now deemed unusual. The daughter misses the flight and her 95-year-old mother has to travel alone.”

“The TSA’s response? ‘We’re terribly sorry we went too far?’” Olbermann retorted. “Uh-uh. ‘In no instance would our officers ask a passenger to remove an adult diaper.’ The daughter says that’s a lie. The TSA still is refusing to acknowledge it did anything wrong. ‘We have reviewed the circumstances involved in the screening and determined that our officers acted professionally and according to proper procedure.”

“Translation: Screw you, public, we can do whatever the hell we want,” Olbermann continued.

“That attitude has only been growing in the last year since the feel-ups began at the airports and if it’s not going to change – the agency is really going to defend abusing 95-year-old leukemia patients on the incomprehensible premise that they might be suicide bombers, then this John Pistole, head of the TSA – he needs to be fired and we need to get a human being in there to do his job.” Olbermann concluded.

Watch the video:

After it had defended the actions of the agents involved, noting that wheelchairs often spur pat-downs, the TSA subsequently claimed that security personnel “did not require this passenger to remove an adult diaper.”

According to the Boston Globe, the TSA said this was something not made clear in the initial statement provided to CNN on Sunday.

Mrs Weber maintains that the agents did indeed forced her to remove her mother’s adult diaper, noting that they “said they found something suspicious.”

In further comments to the media, Mrs Weber stated:
“If this is your procedure — which I do understand — I also feel that your procedure needs to be changed… My mother is very ill, she has a form of leukemia. She had a blood transfusion the week before, just to bolster up her strength for this travel.”

“It’s something I couldn’t imagine happening on American soil,” Weber said. “Here is my mother, 95 years old, 105 pounds, barely able to stand, and then this.”

Welcome to America, where everyone is a potential terrorist bomber, especially if they are wearing a diaper.
Florida state Rep. Ritch Workman has vowed to look into the incident after state’s-rights group The Florida 10th Amendment Center brought it to his attention.

Workman, who sponsored a 10th Amendment resolution at the 2010 Legislature, said, “I see the need for federal agencies to control access to interstate air traffic, although the TSA seems to have expanded its role without authorization.”

Steve Watson is the London based writer and editor for Alex Jones’ Infowars.net, and Prisonplanet.com. He has a Masters Degree in International Relations from the School of Politics at The University of Nottingham in England.

Fukushima in Nebraska, June 28 2011

Kurt NimmoPrison Planet.com
Once again, the corporate media is ignoring a potentially deadly nuclear situation, this time right here in the United States.

The Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant in Nebraska is now inundated with flood water from the Missouri River. A berm protecting the plant collapsed on Sunday. Prior to the failure of the berm, there was a fire at the facility. The official story was that the fire was contained in an electrical switchgear room.

Corporate media ignoring dangerous potential of Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant.

The plant serves as the storage site for 20 years worth of spent fuel rods from plants in the state in addition to one third of the rods that were removed during a recent refueling. In 2006, the site began storing spent fuel rods above ground in mausoleum-like concrete structures outside the nuclear plant. Omaha Public Power says the spent fuels rods will be stored on-site forever.

In addition, in 2009, the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant was considered an alternative fuel rod storage site to Yucca Mountain in Nevada. In 2010, Congress failed to fund Yucca Mountain after more than $9 billion was squandered building concrete tunnels and chambers designed to keep waste safe for at least a million years.

Officials at the Nebraska plant insist the fuels rods are safe. “There is no water inside the plant. The reactor is covered with borated water. The spent fuel is covered with borated water, which we want it to be. That’s intentional. That’s where it should be. The floodwaters are outside Fort Calhoun, not inside,” Gary Gates, CEO of the Fort Calhoun plant, told CNN.

Gates did not address the very distinct possibility that the plant may soon be completely overwhelmed by water from the Missouri River. Due to an unprecedented amount of flood water, the failure of an upstream dam at Fort Peck Dam could lead to a domino-like collapse of five earthen downstream dams, swamp the nuclear power plant, and knock out the generators now used to cool the fuel rods.

“The Fort Peck Dam is built with a flawed design that has suffered a well-known fate for this type of dam — liquefaction — in which saturated soil loses its stability,” Bernard Shanks wrote on June 7. “Hydraulic-fill dams are prone to almost instant collapse from stress or earthquakes. California required all hydraulic-fill dams be torn out or rebuilt — and no other large dams have been built this way since.”

Can we trust nuclear power officials to tell us the truth? The Fukushima disaster was worsened considerably by the cover-ups and lies of government and industry officials. Should we expect the same here in the United States?

Garrison Dam releases into the Missouri River with a flow of 115,000 cubic feet per second on June 5, 2011.

June 14: Arnie Gundersen — Nebraska Nuclear Plant: Emergency Level 4 & getting worse.

Greek PM: Austerity is Patriotic Duty, June 28 2011

Kurt Nimmo

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou has told his fellow countrymen it is their patriotic duty to accept the austerity plan cooked up by the IMF and the EU. If not accepted, Greece will not get the fifth installment of an international bailout, he warned.

“I’m not asking you to listen to outside pressures, I ask that you listen to your soul and your internal patriotic conscience,” Papandreou said.

Greek opposition parties have rejected demands by EU leaders for national unity on the prospect of unemployment, a lower standard of living, and a massive giveaway of national resources.

“You cannot terrorize your MPs by referring to patriotism because if there is something we should be proud of today it’s that Greeks have risen up from their indifference and are defending, as is their duty, patriotism by the presence in the streets,” said Alexis Tsipras, leader of the leftist party SYRIZA.

Opinion polls indicate three quarters of Greeks oppose tax rises, spending cuts, globalist privatization, and the selling off of national treasures.

On Tuesday, Greek unions shut down government services, brought public transport to a standstill and grounded flights. Unions began their fourth general strike of the year at midnight.

Greece’s biggest union, the General Confederation of Greek Workers, has characterized the austerity measures as a “mafia-style rescue.”

“This proposed austerity package will only make things worse. It will mean we are pushed deeper into recession and will never pay back our debts,”Zoe Lanara, the union’s international relations secretary, told The Independent.

As former Wall Street economist Michael Hudson notes, the so-called bailout will not help the Greek people, it will enrich the banks at the expense of the people.

“The Greek economy will not end up with the proceeds of any ECB ’bailout.’ The banks will get the money.

They would like to turn around and lend it out afresh to the buyers of the land, monopolies and other properties that Greece is being told to privatize,” he writes. “Is this not like military tribute? … The bankers are trying to get a windfall by using the debt hammer to achieve what warfare did in times past.”

Papandreou and the political elite expect the Greek people to acquiesce to what amount to a military attack on the country by the financial elite. Instead, unions and thousands of protesters will close down the country and continue to resist eurozone enslavement and the theft of their heritage by international finance.

Greece: Possibility of Military Coup?, June 28 2011

Via: CityWire:

While the IMF stalls on its rescue package for Greece, many in the market are beginning to question whether the country would not in fact be better off out of the euro altogether.

But for Steven Cordell, manager of Cazenove’s Pan Europe fund, that is a scenario that should be avoided at all costs.

‘Unless the Greeks are turkeys voting for Christmas then I don’t see an exit for them out of the Euro.’

‘The Greek state employs something like two thirds of the population so the number of losers would be massive.’

He says the reaction of the military is also a significant factor to consider when discussing any potential break away from the Euro for Greece.

‘Spending on the Greek army is amongst the highest per capita in the whole of the EU, so if a plan didn’t materialise you could see a military coup. We’re talking controlled order here and it has happened before in ‘74.’

Cordell says at the moment much of the diplomacy is currently focusing on huge austerity plans, this he thinks is missing a key point. ‘All the talk is about cut, cuts, cuts, “do as you’re told you naughty boy” type thing, but there has been no incentive for the Greeks to create a better future for themselves.’