Monday, May 2, 2011

Because You Don't Care, May 2 2011

American politics are a liberal mob who fear scientific innovation outside their control, casually demand an embrace to conformity and to contradictory ideas, and continually use mob tactics to implement their ideas through media.  American politics idolize its leaders but demonize its enemies, mostly non-conformists.

Average Americans follow any and all policies of the Obama (and any) administration.  You are conditioned to lies, so the truth is a conspiracy theory.  Anyone who disagrees with Obama's or any administration's policies is deemed an extremist.  Peaceful protests are likened to rowdy hordes.  Individuals who question their representatives are ridiculed and forgotten.  America has become a cess pool of disgrace.

The American people have lost all reason.  You are lost because of your television, your FB, your iPad, your twitter, in exchange for what logic you might have; what minimal spec of individualism you have maintained is withering away to fear.  You blame politicians for selling out and the people in charge for their self-appointed powers when you are no better than they are.  They plan world domination while you set your DVR to Jersey Shore and Glee.  Religion will not save you from your poor choices, it will only give you solace for making them.  You are being robbed of your safety by a government with clear intentions to cause harm.  In a time when the divide between the rich and the poor grows, the poor continue to suffer at their own expense.

We are willingly slaves to a system composed of self-appointed bureaucrats who control our legislature because they control our money.  We are distracted with fear while our government emerses itself in backwards dealings and threatens any man brave enough to challenge their authority.  America is being molested, and you're watching it happen.

Conspiracy theories aside, the American government is systematically and purposefully and wrecklessly destroying the country so the elite few gain more control over the powerless.  Our concentration camps are already set up and a plan of action against civil unrest is quietly awaiting our uprising.  We don't stand a chance if you don't only wake the fuck up, so stand up and fight back.

They have overpriced (and defunded) education, told you what to learn, told you what jobs you're worthy of.  They have created viruses for destructive purposes, caused devastating disasters and wars for financial gain, and created enemies as numerous as they are fictitious.  They have lured us away from the Constitution because they have abandoned the foundation of this country for a more global scope, where we continue to serve as obedient slaves to a more obvious and forced servitude.  While 99% of the country drowns in debt and skyrocketing prices, the rich gain record-breaking profits.  They refuse you adequate health care and jobs, while CEOs pocket billions.

Don't watch the news, seek the truth yourself.  Take your money out of the the bank.  Refuse to work unless liveable wages are paid.  Refuse to live a slave to a system hyped with mindless entertainment and endless charades of lies.  Refuse to accept Federal Reserve money.  Refuse the Bilderbergers their secret council (they should be arrested for conspiracy to commit treason).  Refuse the government its family dynasties who rule like monarchs.  Refuse banks the power they give themselves.  Refuse the government the right to pass unconstitutional laws, to send us to wars we cant afford and refuse them the ability to treat anyone who isn't rich and powerful like property, and you set the stage for a revolution.  I must admit, though, they treat us like sheep because we are.  We're taking it from behind and we're not doing a damned thing to stop it.

Your continued ignorance is killing this country.  We have an opportune moment to take our country back TODAY, but we haven't and we wont because you dont care.

Your refusal to act has cost you freedoms.  It has kept you bound with fear.  It has ruined the free republic this country used to be.  So far, it has cost you everything.  Very soon, it may cost you your lives.

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