Friday, May 20, 2011

Detailed Plans of NWO Building Stir Alert, May 20 2011

UK Daily Mail
Security fears have been raised over the new World Trade Center skyscraper’s security after ‘confidential’ detailed schematics of the building were posted online.

Documents showing the locations of 1 World Trade Center’s mechanical rooms, ventilation shafts, exits, elevators and stairs were posted on the New York City’s Department of Finance website.

The secure schematics, described as for ‘official use only’ also show ground floor entrances and where the PATH rail tunnels will pass below.

Experts have warned that the documents could be used to plan a Mumbai-style commando assault or work out where to hide a bomb in a building described as ‘the nation’s no.1 terror target’.

The 17 downloadable Port Authority schematics also designate which floors can be leased out and which cannot.

Dr. Maria Haberfeld, chair of the Department of Law and Police Science at John Jay College, said: ‘We should not be sharpening our own guillotines.

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