Saturday, July 9, 2011

Time to Abolish the ATF, June 26 2011

Clarice Feldman
American Thinker
Voltaire observed “It’s a good thing to kill an admiral now and then to encourage the others.” This observation inspires me to suggest  that when an agency carries out  such a  bit of  idiotic malfeasance as the ATF’s operation “Fast and Furious” with the cooperation of agents at all levels of the spectrum, an operation which resulted , among other things in the murder of a U.S. customs agent and prominent relative of a Mexican official, it’s time to dissolve the operation and dismiss all of its employees. To encourage the others.

If there are agents in the Bureau unconnected with this operation who have valuable skills and experience we wish to retain, the successor agencies of the Bureau are free to rehire them. As to the others — those who went along to get along — it will encourage federal employees working for an out of control agency to take advantage of the federal whistleblowers procedure and turn in the wrongdoers before such egregious harm comes to pass.  It simply is not enough to accede to a pattern of what Darrell Issa calls “felony stupid” conduct and keep your place at the federal table.


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