Wednesday, July 6, 2011

TSA Groping Bill Up For Vote in TX Senate, June 25 2011

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Lone Star Report
Simpson said there still remains much support — though he doubts if Gov. Rick Perry truly wants the bill passed.

“It’s regrettable — I was told the other day that unless you have the support of the Speaker, the Lieutenant Governor, and the Governor, nothing will come to a vote in this place,” he said. “And that may be true. But if that’s the case, why is there a Senate? Why is there a Texas House? And why are there 181 other members of the leadership of this state?”

Dewhurst, in a press statement this afternoon, said he would proceed with Sen. Dan Patrick’s (R-Houston) version, SB 29, on Monday.

“Since the start of the Special Session, I’ve worked closely with the Attorney General’s Office to address several issues that were raised when the bill first came up for a vote in the Texas Senate,” Dewhurst said.

“The Transportation and Homeland Security Committee is holding a hearing on Monday to pass the TSA bill out of committee, and I believe this is an important issue that deserves consideration by both the House and the Senate before we adjourn.”


NOTE: Regarding quorum, the Speaker signed SB 4 in the presence of the House, which requires a quorum. But since a quorum is assumed unless challenged, there was technically a quorum this morning.


UPDATE: Patrick issued the following statement after the initial posting of this story:
“The TSA anti-groping bill is important legislation that sends an important message to the federal government.This is evidenced by that fact that it has more than 100 coauthors in the House and enough votes to pass in the Senate. Even before passage, this legislation has already yielded results in that the TSA recently changed their pat down policies on children. I am greatly disappointed that negotiations on this bill have broken down so badly in the House at this critical point in the special session. If the House can resolve their differences, there is still time if they can pass it to the Senate before Monday.”

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