Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bilderberg 2011 Briefing, June 15 2011

Alexander Benesch
Driving through the Swiss alps towards the Bilderberg 2011 conference in my 4WD I coulnd’t help thinking about how the German people used to fight the most horrific wars on behalf of the central bankers and other New World Order luminaries. Those soldiers had to drive through the mountains and valleys in very noisy, smelly tanks and diesel trucks, intending to kill Italians, French, Brits, Americans and potentially everybody else who would resist the Blitzkrieg machine. Several evil governments managed to convince their populations that tyranny is simply an inevitable part of protecting them, meaning Hitler justified his actions based on the threat of Stalin and vice versa. Brave investigative journalists and historians however dug up later how the same megabanks, robber barons and aristocrats financed both the 3rd Reich and the Soviet Union.

Hundreds of journalists, protesters, documentary filmmakers and activists from many different countries this June chose to attack directly the achilles heel of the actual powerbrokers and technocrats at Bilderberg 2011 in St. Moritz.

What you see in the reports, the videos and photos of the event was a lot harder to pull off than people might think, I jokingly called it the “trenches of the infowar”: No sleep, no food, almost constant rain, cold, lots of threats and prolonged phases of waiting just to have suddenly all hell break lose. Don’t forget: The Bilderbergers belong to the single most dangerous group of people on the planet. We had a lot of boots on the ground, many eyes and ears, spotters connected via radios and cellphones, reporters and luckily even some high ranking Swiss politicians. Every time you get outside of your comfort zone and take on a challenge, you will become stronger, more mature and more effective.

When I spotted Aaron Dykes and Paul Joseph Watson I was simply planning on saying hi, thanks for your great work and good luck. Not bugging them, just letting them do their work. Having done this kind of job myself for more than five years, the last 3 of those years full time and for a living, I wasn’t gonna distract them and keep them from working. Boy was I in for a surprise. Before you knew it I was working sources with them, alerting them to facts and developements buzzing around mostly in German language and driving them and We Are Change Birmingham up a high and off limits mountain on a very narrow and bumpy dirt track, chasing stray Bilderbergers who escaped to an exclusive ressort called El Paradiso to be serviced, pampered and spoiled. The globalists of course can order every form of sex imaginable like ordinary people would order a drink.

The Infowars team, WeAreChange and many others are bona fide work horses who will not stop trying to penetrate the confab. There is hardly ever any time to breathe, after countless hours of straight work and days of sleep deprivation all of a sudden you find a source standing next to you who will be within earshot of the globalists and might give us intel on these meetings. So we started working on that source which proved difficult due to the fact that this person was strongly motivated by money and somewhat cynical. That source “didn’t care about the politics” and didn’t care what the Bilderbergers are actually doing. I tried to calmly explain that these kingpins are wrecking his future and money too but he just didn’t want to hear it. So instead of trying to appeal to his moral convictions we were subtly encouraging him to brag and reveal tidbits of data. This is part of what veteran reporter Jim Tucker had done over the last decades to expose Bilderberg and we were doing our best not to fail at filling his shoes. I myself left at about 4 in the morning to get my meager 3 hours of sleep. Aaron and Paul just kept going. The next day I even felt guilty about abandoning them! You never know beforehand how much it will ultimately pay off working a source like that, but you simply cannot pass up a lead like this. At the next opportunity we had to talk to this person we could immediately sense that there had been some serious intimidation. Again, penetrating Bilderberg is dangerous.

We are in a race against the New World Order and both sides use technology to their advantage. In the novel 1984 it truthfully says that technology could at some point enable a tyranny to become so powerful that it cannot be overcome anymore, neither from the inside nor the outside. Now try to guess why Microsoft, Google, Facebook, the NSA and other assorted technocrats visited Bilderberg. We were clobbering them with the help of many pieces of eqipment and we could also protect ourselves. When we were driving high up on the mountain in my car and the Swiss police was angrily chasing us, the leading officer might have thought he was the king of the hill up there. What he didn’t know was that Paul Watson in the back of my car was filming and streaming live over the internet to tens or maybe even hundreds of thousands of people.

We also now have additional background about two supposed protesters getting arrested for carrying “suspicious items”, for example tubing-like objects, causing a police search for explosives. The Swiss State Police and the local newspaper from Saturday reported that the two people in question were 36 and 58 years old and they are supposed to pay the bill for 4 hours of bomb searching. Is this harrassment? Were the two acting stupid? Are they just provocateurs who delivered a reason to close off an entire road? I will follow up on that developement. We saw plainclothes officers trying to pass off as protesters, provocateuring once in while and calling for violence. Surely the conference was also covered by hidden spotters, sharpshooters and more firepower than met the eye.

After they had failed so miserably at staying hidden, all of a sudden a pack of them left the security zone on Saturday afternoon and took a stroll down the sidewalk. Apparently there were more of them outside than we initially thought, lots of them were wearing these bright red jackets and we hope to identify everyone. We didn’t have the time to immediately get 30 different people’s footage from numerous cameras and cellphones so we simply focused on one batch of recordings to have it ready at primetime in the US. The recordings were in a rather obscure format which played with annoying gliches on Aarons and Pauls gear and luckily I could edit the stuff down on my own system in time. Without my great supporters over in Germany I would not have been packing the proper gear. The video ended up on Infowars, Prisonplanet, the London Guardian and the Drudge Report during primetime which made us all very happy campers. In due time people can sift through all the many other recordings and present these gangsters from all possible angles in sparkling clarity.

Support the Infowarriors you trust; getting the truth out is an undertaking which grows exponentially, not just in a linear fashion. If we have twice the resources, we can squeeze out maybe 5 times the performance.

A few additional really outstanding things could have been pulled off but unfortunaly didn’t come to pass.

One developement particularly stayed on my mind: Friday night 10 p.m., two really helpful Swiss politicians and about 70 reportes and activists were getting ready to march head on to the inner core of the Bilderberg security perimeter. Everyone checked their gear, loaded up new batteries and tapes, stuffing our pockets with spare batteries and tapes. I even managed to combine a rugged laptop, a camcorder and a broadband Wifi-Device to a portable solution in order to capture everything live. Looking around, I was making a joke:
“Anybody bring any war paint or some drums?”

We weren’t a fascist mob of stormtroopers going into battle against the French or Italians or the British or the Americans, we were a group of French and Italians and British and Americans and Swiss and Germans among others going into a head-on information battle against the globalists! Not against their diversionary frontmen and crackerjack sock puppets, but the real deal. Unfortunately that march was postponed and changed due to some scheduling conflicts.

The deepest respect and love to everybody who was there. Next year, so help us God, we will descend on them with even better broadcast gear and have a continuos live coverage. Support the troops of the Infowar!

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