Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Celente Slams 'Cartoon News Network" GOP Debate, June 15 2011

“It’s the presidential reality show”

Steve Watson
Trends forecaster and social commentator Gerald Celente has slammed this week’s GOP presidential debate hosted by CNN as a “disgraceful” indication of the decline of America.

Monday’s debate in New Hampshire was characterized by softball questions and discussions of non issues, culminating in the hosts asking each member of the GOP field to name their favourite style of pizza.

Other questions included “iPhone or Blackberry?”, “Pepsi or Coca”, “Dancing with the Stars or American Idol?” and “Spicy or mild?”

“It’s disgraceful, CNN is the ‘Cartoon News Network’. Only somebody with a child’s mind would ask such mindless questions.” Celente told RT in a riveting interview yesterday.

“It’s the presidential reality show. We just saw it live.” Celente added.

“To ask such childish questions at a time when I get letters everyday from people who are losing everything.

People that have had jobs for 35 years have no work at all, they’re losing their homes, our soldiers are getting killed, the wars are draining the Treasury, and a little clown asks ‘what do you like – deep dish or thin crust? Leno or Conan? Come on.” Celente said.

“America has gone from Sinatra to Snooki stupid. It’s really indicative of where the country is heading – that is the importance of last night’s debate.”

The CEO of Trends Research Institute added a caveat, naming Congressman Ron Paul as the only person involved with any credibility whatsoever.

“He is the only one talking about bringing home the troops, about legalizing marijuana, about ending these wars on terror, on drugs and other kinds of wars.” Celente said. “None of these candidates, again with the exception of Paul, is indistinguishable from the other.”

Watch the interview:

While Ron Paul’s performance in the debate was once again what his followers have come to expect, another sterling example of holding firm to his anti-big government, anti-war, libertarian principles, the mainstream media touted Paul as a “loser”, instead claiming that Michelle Bachman, who voted FOR the PATRIOT Act whilst simultaneously claiming to be at the center of the Tea Party movement, was the stand out candidate.

Be it far from we here at Prisonplanet to extol the virtues of one Bill Maher, but he was one of the only commentators to appear on CNN and tell it like it is.

“She did well by what standard? Because she’s able to speak and complete sentences?” Maher told Anderson Cooper. “The standards are so low, lets be honest, we’re judging her against Sarah Palin.” he added.

The HBO host then added that if he had to vote for any of the candidates it would be Ron Paul.

“I would vote for Ron Paul if I had to pick,” Maher said. “I mean Ron Paul is at least not a panderer. He’s sincere. He’s got the right ideas about getting our troops home.”

“And, you know, I like Ron Paul. I think he’s cut from a different cloth than the rest of those people, who are, of course, selling their souls to the corporate interests who back them, and who have just horrible, society-killing ideas about America and either don’t know what’s real or don’t care,” he added.

Like it or not, Maher’s analysis is important because it reveals how Ron Paul’s stance on real issues bridges the false left right paradigm.

At the same time as Maher was praising Paul, so too was Glenn Beck. Both said virtually the same thing about Paul, highlighting the fact that Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who stands any chance against Obama in the 2012 election, precisely because his rejection of interventionist foreign policy, his avocation of sound monetary policy and his concern for the protection of civil liberties resonates with many Americans of either political persuasion.

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