Friday, June 17, 2011

the New Ice Age, June 17 2011

UK Daily Mail

The last time the sun went to sleep, there were frost fairs on the Thames and ice extended for miles into the North Sea.

Now scientists have unearthed evidence that the sun is poised to enter its first period of ‘hibernation’ since the Little Ice Age of the early 1700s.

If they are right – and it’s a big if – it means global warming caused by greenhouse gases could be less severe over the next few decades than predicted.

The sun goes through a regular cycle of activity that peaks every 11 years.
During its most frenzied periods, huge magnetic storms erupt from the sun while vast sunspots appear on its surface. But during the quiet part of the cycle – the solar minimum – eruptions and sunspots are rarer.
and poisonous.

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