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American Conspiracies, A Few Highlights, April 25 2011

"I've not written this book because I get off on talking about conspiracies. I've written it because, until we face the terrible reality of the assassinations and the governmental drug dealing and the stolen elections and the rest...until we look at how, slowly and insipidly, the most venal of men took control of our nation, we don't stand a chance of putting things back on track." - Jesse Ventura

- Ten months before 9/11, Rumsfeld approved an updated version of the army's so-called Continuity of Government plan, with ways and means to suspend the Constitution in the event of civil unrest

- Under Bush's two terms, the Patriot Act, the Foriegn Intelligence Surveillance Act, and others passed in the wake of 9/11.  Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded and detention centers for 'terrorists' established.  The government assured us civil liberties had to be sacrificed to ensure our safey from domestic terrorism.  In reality, the federal government, along with elements of the military, have used 9/11 as an excuse to put in place the means to impose martial law and lock up dissenters in 'camps' (FEMA) if they deem it necessary.  Our Constitution and Bill of Rights have never been in greater peril.  In fact, the legal groundwork for a government crackdown, once the disgruntled and hungry citizens of America rise up, was put in place under Bush.  Secret memos drafted by Bush's team allow a president to send military to wage war on American citizens; to drag them out of their homes and, without trial, hold them at some Guantanamo-type facility indefinitely - completely destroying the Bill of Rights

- 1930s; Roosevelt got elected in midst of Great Depression.  After election, FDR implemented his New Deal.  He took stock speculators and set up new watchdog agencies.  He put a stop to farm foreclosures and made employers accept collective bargaining by the unions.  He took the country off the gold standard, meaning more paper money could be available to create jobs for the unemployed and provide loans.  This outraged some of the conservative financiers.  FDR went even further and started talking about raising their taxes to help pay for the programs.  So the aligarchs of finance hated him and everything he stood for on behalf of his common man.  They considered the new president a traitor to his own class, namely them.  Within a year of FDR's taking office, they started hatching a plan to get rid of him.  This is when a cabal of wealthy industrialists using a veterans' front group embarked on a plot to get rid of FDR and institute a fascist-style regime in the country.  They'd have probably succeeded if they had chosen the right man for the job.  Their plan?  Enlist a military man popular with veterans from WWI, many of which were disgruntled because they never got paid bonuses promised to them when the war ended.  They figured with enough money and temptation of running the country, any man was corruptible.  Enter MAJOR GENERAL SMEDLY BUTLER, a true American hero who had been awarded the congressional Medal of Honor twice.  They believed he would accept the bribe because when the Taft Administraction asked him to help rig elections in Nicaragua, he obliged and later admitted to it.  Butler also aided in 'Dollar 'Diplomacy' - helped maintain American business interests with their hold on Latin Americna countries.  When the veterans' 'Bonus Army' protested in Washington in 1932, Butler showed up to support their cause.  DOUGLAS MACARTHUR led a charge to destroy the veterans' tent city under orders from PRESIDENT HOOVER, pissing Butler off.  Butler switched parties and voted for FDR that election year, and eventually blew the whistle to Congress, which held hearings that exposed the whole scheme.  Among the conspirators: J. P. Morgan, DuPont, Prescott Bush (grandfather to George W and father to George H. W. Prescott), who happened to be a business partner and American banker for a German steel and coal baron who funded Hitler's rise to power.

- At the time of the assassinations of Malcolm X (1965) and Martin Luther King (1968), COINTELPRO and other secret FBI programs actively disrupted civil rights organizations.  Hoover's FBI was extremely worried about an alliance between Malcolm and Martin, and the night before his assassination, one of Malcolm's murderers is said to have met with an undercover FBI agent.  The CIA heavily shadowed Malcolm's every move

 In the case of King, his own family brought a wrongful death lawsuit that resulted in a jury returning      verdict in '99 that government agencies were parties to a conspiracy

- Bobby Kennedy was assassinated two months after King, after winning the CA primary on the way to the Democratic nomination.  SIRHAN BISHARA SIRHAN, before many witnesses in the pantry of LA's AMBASSADOR HOTEL, fired 8 times at Bobby.  His gun held 8 rounds, however audio recordings of the incident provide 10 shots.  Sirhan claims he had no memory of ever pulling the trigger.  Bring in MK-ULTRA, a grim CIA program that controls human behavior through hypnosis, drugs, or a combination of some sort.  Most MK-ULTRA records were destroyed in 1973

- The Chief Medical Examiner in Guyana concluded more than 700 victims of the Jonestown Massacre were murdered.  Before Jones founded the People's Temple, Jones had very suspicious ties to the CIA, as well as doing some informing for the FBI.  In 1981 (October), the survivors filed a 63 million lawsuit, alleging the State Department and CIA conspired to 'enhance the economic and political powers of James Warren Jones' conducting 'mind control and drug experimentation.'

- Twenty minutes after Reagan finished his Inaugural Address (Jan 20, 1981), Iran released American hostages it had been holding in the American Embassy in Iran for 444 days.  Reagan's people cut a deal with Iran to keep the hostages beyond the presidential election, supplying them with weapons and unblock their assets in US banks, to ensure President Carter's negotiations with Iran failed and he lost to Reagan.  GEORGE HW BUSH, about-to-be CIA Director WILLIAM CASEY, and othesr were involved with making the arrangements

- War Games; Charles Lewis worked as the deputy inspector for the City of LA during a seismic retrofit of the LA Hilton Towers Hotel, only a few miles from LAX, and had previously worked at LAX as the Quality Control Manager for Kiewit Pacific Construction on its Taxiway 'C' project.  His duties included aiport security in the Airport Operations Area (AOA).  While there, he got to know employees of various agencies: The LA World Airport Police, the LAPD, CA Highway Patrol, the FBI, U.S. Customs, and others.  Around 635 a.m. on 9/11, Lewis rushed to LAX Guard Post 2 because he was one of very few people who knew how to fix certain parts of the new security systems in case any problems developed.  Around that time, the second plane hit the WTC.  There was chatter on the LAX talkies and he could hear the conversations.  He remembers, "The first thing I noticed was that the guards - and that day they were the LA World Airport Police and the FBI - were very upset and agitated because apparently no one [from FAA] had notified NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command).  They were making calls and demanding to know why not.  Eventually, word came back that NORAD had been informed, but was ordered to step down.  LAX Security wanted to know who could have made that order.  Word came back it was from the highest level of the White House.  Bush had been reading 'My Pet Goat' to school kids in Florida.  The only other person it could have been was Dick Cheney."

- The Watergate burglars and cast had ties to JFK mystery; whether Nixon was curious in seeing what dirt the CIA had on him or what information there was on JFK is left to question

- Corporate bigwigs profited immensely from the worst environmental disaster of our time when the BP oil rigs exploded, killing 11 workers and gushed 5 million barrells of petroleum into the ocean.  The toxic dispersants used to 'contain' the spill were already known to cuase terrible health problems for workers, dating back to the Exxon Valdez oil spill in 1989.  The Gulf spill might have been a plan to depopulate the area and leave it to the oil companies (which, as of the date of this blog, BP is in negotiations to continue drilling at another rig in the same area)

- CIA's secret missions are financed with drug money because they dont have to account for it.  At the same time our government preaches 'say no to drugs', America backed the Nicaragua Contra movement, funded mainly by cocaine traffickers and money-launderers.  A report by the CIA's own Inspector General finally confirmed in '98 that the operation tracked straight into Oliver North's office in Reagan's National Security Council

- The Securities and Exchange Commission - the government agency set up to regulate our capital markets, have ended up totally captured by the financial elites.  The Federal Reserve, that's suppose to safeguard our currency, is one of the main causes of our current financial disaster

- 8 people were found guilty in Lincoln conspiracy.  4 were hung, 4 were sent to prison.  The VP and Secretary of State were also targeted the night of the assassination

- Bush Treasury Secretary HENRY PAULSON served as GOLDMAN SACHS CEO until 2006 - the dominant player among investment bankers throughout the bailout.  NY FED under TIMOTHY GEITHNER (now Obama's Treasury Secretary) when it came time to loaning AIG billions to pay back certain 'special' creditors.  Not only are they all rotten to the core, they're tied to the CIA

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