Monday, April 25, 2011

JFK Assassination Facts, April 25 2011

Warren Commission Report, which concluded disgruntled Marine-turned-Communist Lee Harvey Oswald took JFK out on his own, using an Italian-made rifle.  Two of three shots in 6.3 seconds from a 6th floor Texas Book Depository

A second report 15 years later by the House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded JFK was 'probably' eliminated as part of a conspiracy

"magic bullet" that caused seven separate wounds in Kennedy and Governor Connally has no bloodstains on it.  Although it appeared to be undamaged, the one that hit Connally left behind permanent lead in his wrist

Without the magic bullet theory (the bullet, of which, happened to appear on a stretcher at Dallas's Parkland Hospital), a total of 18 witnesses at Parkland Memorial Hospital that day described a bullet wound that blew away the back of Kennedy's head.  In the autopsy photos that got entered into evidence, that wound was not shown

DR. JAMES HUMES, the navy physician who led the autopsy at Bethesda Naval Hospital, admitted later that he burned both his autopsy notes and the first draft of his report.  Somehow, the president's brain went missing, too

DR. CYRIL WECHT, former President of the American Academy of Forensic Scientists, sent personal faxes and gave students permission to study autopsies, and found himself facing numerous criminal charges when the Justice Department came after him for challenging the status quo.  He was forced to resign as a county coroner in Pittsburgh and spent $8 million on legal fees before the Justice Department dropped most of all its charges against him in 2008

Kennedy's body was illegally moved from Dallas.  1963 Texas law required that the autopsy of anyone murdered in the state had to take place within its borders.  The only exception was a murder that happened in a place owned, possessed, or controlled by the Federal Government - which wasn't the case

Dallas County Medical Examiner DR. EARL ROSE tried to enforce the law when Secret Service removed the president's body from Parkland late that afternoon for immediate return to Washington.  He was overruled by Dallas District Attorney HENRY WADE

The famous Zapruder film, experts say, was altered.  it did go to a CIA lab run by Kodak in Rochester, NH the weekend of the assassination

Life Magazine published stills from the Zapruder film not long after the assassination, but were printed out of order

Not a single finger-print was found on Oswald's alleged murder weapon.  The FBI did a nitrate test on Oswald and it came up positive for his hands but negative for his face

After Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby, the Dallas Police came up with a palm print of the Mannlicher-Carcano - but this was after the FBI's top fingerprint analyst had dusted the whole rifle and said they found nothing of importance

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