Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gun Control, April 23 2011


Anti-gun hysteria.  With a serious purpose.

You would think that in a nation which prides itself on being a participatory democracy, that the folks who want to disarm America would take no for an answer and yield for a while.  But in the real world, it works the exact opposite.  A carefully planned strategy to slowly shred the Constitution to bits is in motion, and the Second Amendment is getting closer to disappearing. 

The Inner Circle bunch of the New World order fund a variety of individuals and organizations to further their goals and accomplish their agenda.  They're the same bunch that nutured HANDGUN CONTROL, INC. (HCI), with SARAH BRADY'S avowed purpose "the total elimination of arms" in America.

In December '93, in a leaked document entitled "Confidential information for use by lobbyists or senior officials only!" the HCI leadership laid out their plan for national licensing of handguns.  They proposed yearly licensing fees beginning at a cost between $50 to $75, with ever increasing payments over an eight-year period.  "If private ownership has not been prohibited by this time then fees can gradually discourage private ownership," stated the HCI author, who added that "brainstorming meetings" will be held at the White House through Winter '94 for the purpose of "guiding the focus of gun control initiatives over the next five years.

Some of these "initiatives" proposed bans on a variety of weapons and ammo clips, even banning "realistic replicas/toy guns" as well as "all semi-automatics (regardless of when made or what caliber)" and prohibiting all gun shows, "military reenactments", "the assembly of more than 4 armed individuals who are not peace officers or military", "hunting on all public lands" and support for "random police check for weapons."  One specifically called for the "right" to bring lawsuits against gun manufacturers and dealers "perhaps with money from government programs."

But this part of the plan ran afoul of timid government officials who realized what suspicions they would raise if the American public learned their tax money was being used to close down American businesses as well as subvert the Second Amendment.

So, an end run play has been called.  Lawsuits now being filed against gun companies are being funded by wealthy members of the secret societies who seek One World Government, according to The Washington Post.  GEORGE SOROS, a member of the secretive COUNCIL OF FOREIGN RELATIONS and the even more secretive BILDERBERGERS in addition to his position (at the time) of consultant to presidential aspirant AL GORE, has provided the funds to hire lawyers to attack the gun companies through his New York-based OPEN SOCIETY INSTITUTE.  Soros, a Hungarian by birth, controls foundations in 30 nations.  He also has come under scrutiny for suspected involvement with the Russian mafia.

The CENTER ON CRIME, created by aggressively anti-handgun Soros' Open Society Institute, put up $300,000 to finance a successful Brooklyn lawsuit against gun manufacturers.

Gun control has longed been a staple agenda of the globalists, who are only too conscious of the problem of trying to coerce an armed population.  Anti-gun efforts in Australia and England have been largely successful, but little reported.  No wonder a spokesman for the NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION (NRA) charged that Soros and his foundations were part of a "vast conspiracy" to bankrupt gun makers.

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