Saturday, April 23, 2011

Ron Paul 2012

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If you haven't noticed, America is in bad shape and the two-party system has become a joke.  Presidential aspirants (or politics in general) often claim their path is paved with good intentions, but by now We the People are awake to the fact that this is a lie, and we have repeatedly been betrayed and lied to by our government.  This has turned Washington into a machine of bribes, where lobbyists and special interest groups buy politicians to advance and accomplish their agenda.  In other words, all the world's a stage, and for decades we have been mindlessly entertained, and often in fear, of the puppets before our eyes.

Congressman Ron Paul defies this system.  Because of this, the media portrays him as an extremist.  You know the country is seriously off track when politicians' (or just American citizens') advocacy of the FREEDOM We the People founded this country on is mocked, and forgotten altogether, and the virtues that used to provide us with freedom now enslave us to laws not of the Fathers' making.

Congressman Paul is a huge ADVOCATE of FREEDOM.  He values the essential liberty that ALL humans deserve and have a right to be.

Congressman Paul is HONEST.  He is not afraid of the truth or being attacked for speaking it.  His voice can't be bought or his vote swayed.

Congressman Paul UNDERSTANDS ECONOMICS and demonstrates this knowledge of our system with simple language, while the media complicates it beyond understanding and often misinterprets the information on purpose.  Congressman Paul predicted the recession and not only has he acknowledged the unsustainable debt our country is in (long before Obama took this step, or anyone for that matter) but has provided logical solutions to fixing the problem.  Again, in simple, easy-to-understand language.

Congressman Paul follows the CONSTITUTION and has done so in his 35 years in politics.  The Constitution drafted the best government man ever created meant to limit the power of the federal government, who has repeatedly ignored this document and created their own laws, allowing themselves their own authority far outside their Constitutional right, only justified by their own immoral code.

Congressman Paul OPPOSES WAR.  He understands the military-industrial complex that has depleted our budget, caused enemies abroad (due to our government's needlessly policing others), and been the result of tremendous casualities.

Congressman Paul has sponsored the most substantive legislation, including but not limited to 'AUDIT THE FED.'  He sponsors legislation that upholds the Constitution.

Congressman Paul is committed to PROTECTING PROPERTY RIGHTS.  He opposes government theft through 'eminent domain' abuses.  He has worked to ELIMINATE INCOME TAX, the IRS, INHERITANCE TAX, and INFLATION TAX.  He has never voted to raise taxes.

The media and special interest groups will back politicians who will say what their wallets or the powers that be tell them.  It's your choice; who would you vote for?  Another gentleman of an ethnicity other than white or gender just to make history?  Or will you make your vote count this time around, and if another election is rigged, are you ready to stand up and tell the government who REALLY has authority?....and the retaliation or probable martial law that will ensue?  The time for a revolution has come, or we will lose to Big Government.  That, I believe, will be our 2012.

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