Saturday, April 30, 2011

"A Month In Perspective", April 30 2011

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Where do I begin?

I will try to be consistens with these specific "Month in Perspective" blogs.  I think it's the most important part of the site.  What better way to look at things with a new, fresh perspective than to consider everything that happens in a month's time and consider solutions to all the problems?  Even if one cannot possibly identify solutions to the colossal failures of our government, one can imagine the possibilities of fixing what isn't beyond repair.  In our current situation, we are very close to being beyond aid, but it's not to late.

There are many iminent issues most Americans are hopefully aware of: Obama's attack on the second amendment, how the FCC wants total control of the internet, how the FTC wants to tax the internet, how the FEC is attacking Campaign for Liberty and even demanding the names and other personal information of their donors, the devastating effect the REAL ID ACT will have on people, the skyrocketing prices of gas, food, clothing, bills, the dismal collapse of the US dollar, Obama's bluff, FEMA death camps, how Americans voted against the bank bailout and yet it was passed regardless, the cause and path of Japan's true devastation, TSA's abuse of power since 9/11, Texas rewriting history books, giving it a more Christian edge, how large banks control the world and where they get that control from, the housing crisis, how much of the government's secret agencies are funded by drug money, how FDA does not have the best interests in the health of the American people and how vaccinations are anything but worthwhile, how Donald Trump running for president is a joke, the current war between US and China for superpower, a broken and worsening economy while CEOs and Big Businesses continue to flourish and even claim record-breaking profits, how college - as good as an idea as it is - is a financial trap, how mother nature isnt the cause of all this crazy weather and the fact that global warming is a total scam that made Gore billions, how the first amendment is under attack by governments not just American and how they are scared to death of the 'truth movement', and how Ron Paul is our only hope in making a broken and useless government that operates beyond its means without say from the American people a government that, as the Declaration of Independence states, derives its power from the governed.

That's hardly HALF of everything going on in the world today, but these are pressing matters we face as of current.  Big Pharma claims we are a sick nation and we need them to make us better when we are nothing but lied to, overworked, incredibly underpaid (when it comes to needless debt and high bills), and being driven to madness, and yet we continue to nod our heads in obedience to Big Brother as if their medicine and their 'truth' will heal us, guide us, and care for us. 

With that said, many of us are still lying to ourselves.  We are in wars we can't afford and shouldn't be fighting, we are consumed with entertainment to keep us blind from the government's MANY wrongdoings (thank you, WikiLeaks).  While the government overtaxes the poor and middle-class and hardly taxes the rich and spends billions we dont have on things they refuse to acknowledge or go into detail on or claim is for our 'nation's safety', we struggle to make ends meet or find jobs.  They aren't struggling.  They're all rich.  They made the system the way it is.

Face it, America is inarguably facing its end.  We're hardly 200 years old and already we've allowed politics to run so free and rampant that their agendas and unquenchable thirst for power has lead to the destruction of a once great nation.  We are not free.  We are slaves.  The shackles of slavery were abandoned in exchange for a different form of slavery still in place today - the work force. The American dream is dead and this country is quickly becoming what Nazi Germany once was (go figure, the same people who funded it are behind our collapse).  It is true; history repeats itself because there are a handful of men who write history, and they make sure certain events take place.  They make sure everything that happens happens with the power they've given themselves.  In secret, and for decades, this has been the true America.  Anyone who attempts to disrupt their agenda is killed or imprisoned and considered a terrorist.  Fear is their ultimate weapon, but we must use PEACE when striking back.  There will be chaos, no doubt.  A government that consistently lies to its people and refuses to relinquish its power will no doubt do everything they can to keep their power, even if it means the deaths of millions.  The people behind the curtains will do everything they can to remain hidden, while controlling the government with their wallets.

There is a major change on the horizon.  The question remains whether that change will be in favor of rebuilding our republic into the free and prosperous nation we were, or whether we will allow the government to systematically take everything from us by force, if not by fear.

We can start with presidential hopeful Ron Paul, but until then we must stand up for ourselves and stop relying so heavily on the government.  Read the Declaration of Independence.  It really isn't that difficult.

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